Unified Computing Solutions

The Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) combines high-performance servers, high-speed networking, storage access, and virtualization into an integrated, smart infrastructure. Automatically configured through unified, model-based management, the Cisco UCS simplifies deployment of enterprise applications running in bare-metal or virtualized environments. Cisco UCS greatly enhances flexibility and reduces TCO.

The Cisco UCS offers:

A single converged system

Transcending the traditional boundaries of blade chassis and racks, Cisco UCS brings together server, network, and storage access resources to create a physically distributed but centrally managed system.

Smart infrastructure

By abstracting the personality, configuration, and connectivity of server and I/O resources, these attributes can be programmed automatically.

Unified, model-based management

The ability to associate a model configuration with system resources lets IT organizations consistently align policy, server personality, and workloads

Unified fabric

By integrating IP, storage, and inter-process communication networks into a single I/O infrastructure, Cisco UCS simplifies cabling and upstream switching while delivering uniform I/O connectivity at no extra cost.

Cisco Fabric Extender technology

The network fabric is extended directly to blade servers and virtual machines, with traffic meeting at a single point for consistent, centralized management and unprecedented visibility and control over virtualized environments.

An incremental deployment model and comprehensive partner ecosystem make the Cisco UCS the smart infrastructure choice for enterprise application deployments.