Storage Solutions

As more and more data is being generated each day, traditional "in-the-box" storage – where you simply add more servers and hard disks - is not an option any more. Businesses are looking for out-of-the-box solutions that can help them juice out maximum performance from their hardware while keeping IT budgets under check. Green IT offers a range of storage solutions that combine speed, availability, data protection, and cost effectiveness to enable you make the most of your IT investment. We also offer a wide array of products so you can choose the storage solution that best suits your business requirement.

Storage Optimization

Green IT helps by assessing your current environment, creating a long-term roadmap for simplification, and outlining the phases that you can take to attain your objectives. We focus on solutions and best practices such as data classification, storage consolidation, storage virtualization and storage management.

Data Protection

Green IT can help increase the protection of your storage environment by focusing on: disaster recovery; backup and recovery; tape strategies; regulatory compliance; and data encryption.

Data Management

Green IT helps your IT team manage data in a context that is more meaningful to them without requiring special storage management skills, by focusing on software management tools, e-mail management and archiving, and enterprise content management.