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Green IT Network Services - Life Cycle Process

Green IT Network Services delivers end-to-end solutions backed by guaranteed results. We have a diverse team of seasoned professionals that are certified and specialized in deploying advanced technology solutions in "live" production environments. We have adopted Cisco's proven lifecycle approach for our engagements.

The essence of this approach is to establish consistency through proven methodology. By aligning business and technical requirements throughout six phases of the network lifecycle, we are able to set expectations, outline the responsibilities of all parties and consistently deliver an excellent customer experience.


To derive competitive advantages for our clients, we prepare strategies intimately aligned with your business goals. We form a technological vision incorporating your business requirements and identify tools that accelerate business growth. Once we have assessed the financial and business value of migrating to a particular advanced technology, Green IT Network Services creates a high-level conceptual architecture and validates the designs features and functionality through proof-of-concept testing.


In the Plan phase, we assess the current environment to determine if your existing system infrastructure and operational landscape are able to support the proposed IT solution. A project plan is created to manage the tasks, risks, responsibilities, milestones, and resources to implement the proposed changes. This plan ensures that all parties will adhere to the scope, cost, and resource parameters set in the original business requirements.


Once mutual agreement of the proposal is obtained, a detailed design, providing optimal availability, reliability, security, scalability, integration and performance, is created. Additional plans are developed to guide: connectivity configuring and testing, deploying and commissioning the proposed system, migrating network services, demonstration of network functionality, and validation of network operation.


During solution implementation, Green IT Network Services collaborates with our clients to integrate devices without disrupting the existing network or creating points of vulnerability. We always stage, test and resolve any issues with the proposed system before deployment, which includes: installation, configuration, and integration of system components. Once the migration is complete, Green IT validates network and systems functions and works to close gaps in the client's staff's skills.


Today, as organizations adopt new technologies and applications to improve business process, internal IT resources are becoming challenged and overburdened. To effectively manage an IT environment, staff members must learn and keep up with dynamic technologies and provide 24 hour network monitoring, response, and trouble resolution. In the Operate phase, our managed services enhance the effectiveness of your IT resource by relieving them of these burdens. Take advantage of our best practices and economies of scale. We maintain the ongoing health of your technology infrastructure through proactive monitoring and management which maximizes: performance, capacity, availability, reliability, and security. We enable you to scale to meet increased needs as your business grows. We make logical physical moves, adds, and changes to keep system software and applications current and help you avoid technological obsolescence by enabling easy migration to new technologies and updates.


We help you achieve operational excellence through ongoing optimization efforts to improve system performance, functionality and security to adhere with your business requirements. Management practices are enhanced by improving network organization and operational efficiencies through a network management system that automates, integrates, and simplifies management processes and tools. Business requirements are regularly updated and checked against the networks technology strategy, performance, and operations. As the network is adapted to enhance performance or to support new or changing business requirements, we reenter the prepare phase of its lifecycle.

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