Network Security Services

Assuring network security becomes more challenging every year. In the past, network access was limited to PCs. Now users connect with smartphones and PDAs. Each new device is a potential target. And each introduces a new attack vector—an avenue by which attacks can access your network.

Attacks are more sophisticated. Hackers now develop malware that targets operating systems, web browsers and add-ins, applications and any other software that a computer or handheld device might run. Attacks are launched from distributed "botnets" that turn thousands of PCs into attackers to cripple web sites with denial-of-service attacks.

While growing threats prompt network administrators to tighten access, business needs dictate otherwise. Once restricted to use by employees, corporate networks are now webs that connect employees, contractors, suppliers and even customers. Business reliance on the network makes security more critical, but it also makes it more challenging than ever

Green IT Certified experts can be onsite to help you:

  • Perform comprehensive security audits
  • Recover quickly from virus and worm attacks
  • Set up firewalls and network devices
  • Configure secure access for remote access
  • Deploy automated software for protection against viruses and spam
  • Develop a security strategy with 24x7 monitoring
  • Provide on-site and remote service
  • Network and Systems Documentation
  • Deploy automated software for protection against

Troubleshooting for network problems Network Security Services Includes:

  • Security Audit
  • Network Security Architecture Design
  • Security Implementation
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Fixing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Managed Security Services
  • VOIP Security Services

Security Audits, Design and Consulting

Green IT Services offer expertise in system and security audits. Green IT has created our own audit templates as well as using industry recognized and standard tools in order to help identify potential security problems.

Security Planning

Every business should have a designed and carefully thought out security strategy that includes both proactive and reactive plans. The proactive or "pre-attack" strategy should include steps that help to minimize vulnerabilities and risk. The reactive strategy or "post-attack" strategy should include the proper steps in assessing the damage caused by the attack and steps in recovering the systems or network as soon as possible. Green IT consultants can help you perform a full risk assessment and define network security strategy to help minimize or eliminate the possibilities of attacks and threats.

Firewalls and VPN solutions

Green IT offers robust VPN solutions for companies looking to provide secure connectivity between remote workers or employees on the road as well as to headquarters and other satellite offices, using the Internet. With high encryption and cross platform compatibilities our VPN solutions deliver enhanced security to protect the privacy of your company data over the Internet.

IDS/IDP: Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems

IDS/IDP is the next level of security beyond the basis of a firewall. IDS/IDP systems are proactive automated systems to monitor data traffic on a specific network and based on defined rules/policies alert administrators of possible intrusions, misuse or defined malicious situations. IDS/IDP are based on two types of systems (Host based systems and Network Based Systems) Host Based IDS/IDP -Reside on a particular server that contains sensitive information. If anything on this server (that is defined) is changed the host-based system alerts the administrator of possible malicious activity.

Network Based IDS/IDP -Resides on a particular segment of the network. This system monitors all traffic on this network. This system looks for anomalies, signatures and pattern/trends on the network. These systems can work directly with the firewall to control access or work independently of the firewall. Network Based IDS/IDP sensors alert administrators when the particular policies/rules are broken in the network.